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Civil law is a broad category encompassing an enormous variety of cases. Divorce action, medical malpractice, child custody and personal injury cases are all types of civil law. Because this is a book about civil law litigation and civil law procedure. Before we examine the details of civil law litigation how ever, we must address a more fundamental question: what is civil law ?
What is Civil Law ?
Civil law definition refers to the large body of cases brought by individuals against other individuals. When a person sues someone for defamation or a corporation seeks to enforce an employment contract against an employee, these are both civil law cases. What makes civil laws litigation so interesting is that these are an almost infinite variety of cases that fall under the general heading of civil law. Unlike criminal law or other specialized areas, legal professionals who work in civil litigation must be prepared for a wide assortment of cases. Fortunately, the rules that govern civil cases are uniform and relatively straightforward, even if they do apply to a myriad of case types.
The law administered in the Roman Empire was based upon statues or codes the form of law that is statutory and created by legislative bodies is called the civil law system of jurisprudence as distinguished from the common law system of jurisprudence.
The early records of civil law, which is the from of jurisprudence in continental Europe and not in England, trace back to the Justinian Codes of 529 A.D.The codes of the Roman Emperor supplied much of the foundation for code law or statutory law that characterizes the civil law system. The French civil law system reflected the Roman influence in the Napoleonic Code, and the French system became the pattern for most of Continental Europe and the Latin American countries.
Civil law system does not recognize precedent. The chief characteristic of the civil law in present-day jurisprudence is the formal code, which countains the statues enacted by the legislature. Similarly, article from me about what the civil law, I hope my writing about what the civil law can be beneficial.

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